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ClickShare the one click wonder

The time has come to click the button

ClickShare is the answer to a lot of today’s technical issues in meeting rooms. Say goodbye to the feelings of frustration we all endured when technology fails, and welcome the one click wonder, which will make meetings actually something to look forward to.

ClickShare makes connecting to the meeting room’s video system a matter of clicking a button, solving some very recognizable issues commonly experienced in meeting rooms by millions of people worldwide. This one click wonder not only helps the presenter get the presentation on-screen in a second, but it also allows the other people in the meeting to participate more actively. The result is enhanced meeting efficiency and better decision-making.

How it works

A standard ClickShare set-up consists of four USB-powered devices (the ‘ClickShare Buttons’), a storage basket to neatly store the Buttons when they’re not used (the ‘ClickShare Tray’) and a Base Unit. The Base Unit has a fixed connection to the meeting room’s visualization system, and takes care of all the needed processing. Users who want to get their presentation on the large meeting room screen, simply connect a Button to their PC or MAC. They start the application, click the ClickShare Button and immediately their desktop is wirelessly transferred to the large visualization system. What’s more, ClickShare does not interfere with your laptop’s resolution, and automatically displays the screen content in the most optimal way.

Confidence and collaboration

ClickShare simply works. This sounds obvious, but considering all the time lost today trying to connect the laptop to the meeting room display, it means a big relief for presenters. The result is enhanced confidence, resulting in better presentations. ClickShare also allows other meeting attendees to participate more actively. When connecting one of the other ClickShare Buttons to their laptop, they can put their content on-screen as well. In total, four participants can be on-screen simultaneously.

Available modules

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Where to buy

ClickShare will become commercially available at davit GmbH in August 2012.

davit is Barco Gold Partner reseller for ClickShare.

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